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I've always had problems choosing an appropriate acne treatment. Even when I found a product giving some results - in the end my skin looked even worse or the results quickly disappeared. The worst part was shaving – my face was full of scratches, inflamed hair follicles and things like that. Infections also developed. In all this nonsense I recently read about a brand new product called Nonacne. I have not seen any reviews of this product before so I risked a little when buying it. But I do not regret my choice. Nonacne has a strong effect on my pimples. No new spots appear on my skin anymore and blackheads disappeared completely. Finally, my skin is soft and the razor blade is not my enemy anymore.

- Rob, Basingstoke

For me, acne appeared quite suddenly and I was advised to use creams. But when I used the cream on some existing spots, new ones popped up in other places. I have read that in my case the treatment should not be limited to visible acne lesions only but it should embrace the whole skin. I decided to take care of the treatment myself and I bought Nonacne. I confirm its effectiveness - after a few days the pimples became smaller, faded and finally disappeared without a trace. I am even more happy now that I can enjoy sunny weather without hiding behind a baseball cup and a turtleneck.

- Heidi, Sheffield

I am 32 years old and I have been struggling with the horror of acne since I was 20. So far, I have gone through like a million medical examinations that didn’t give any answers. My face has been one big experimental laboratory for different pills, antibiotics, creams and ointments that made my skin look even worse. Same with mechanical cleaning - scrubs, ultrasonic peels and a beautician - no results... I thought that perhaps I had not tried the simplest solution - a natural acne treatment. I have read that Nonacne contains lots of vitamins and herbal components so I decided to give it a try. And I was shocked - it helped! Perhaps not entirely as I have just started the treatment, but I see some results, which I previously did not see at all.

- Betty, Durham

For the last month I have used Nonacne and I must say that this product is great. Previously I spent huge amounts of money on other acne products and visits to a dermatologist. It did not give any results or the results didn't last long. Since I started using Nonacne, no bigger pimples have appeared on my face. The improvement has been gradual but I eventually succeeded in winning the fight against acne! I intend to continue this acne treatment so I ordered further packages.

- Bart, Exeter

Acne haunted me for over 8 years... I lost faith that I will ever have normal, healthy skin. Those suffering from acne know how much time and money it takes to go to a dermatologist or a pharmacy and try all available anti-acne miracle treatments. I had enough so my last resort was Nonacne. My friend, who already started using Nonacne, recommended it to me. At the beginning I was suspicious about this new miracle product, but I experienced the first effects after only 3 days! Spots started to disappear. Today, it has been 2 months since I started the treatment and the effects are really satisfactory. Even this awful reddening has disappeared. I highly recommend it!

- Grace, London

The second package of Nonacne helped me. I had a lot blackheads on the chin, forehead and sides of the face. Painful pimples and pustules also appeared. Thanks to Nonacne, so far all these problems disappeared. I am glad that I did not lose the money. Nonacne is a really effective treatment for acne lesions.

- Camilla, Ledbury

This supplement is my favorite anti-acne product! It was a watershed moment for me - I noticed the first results, pimples started disappearing into thin air and I’m already starting starting to celebrate. Thank you Nonacne!

- Marcel, Crewe

I will be always recommending Nonacne to all my friends. It is simply the most effective anti-acne product I have tested. And I have tested many. Thanks to it, I regained my self-confidence and I finally look like a human being.

- Maggie, Northampton

For me the problem of acne looked like this: no going out to parties, no drinking beer with friends, no eating pizza (it intensified the problem), not to mention: no dates. Total isolation. I was simply ashamed to be with people when I realized how advanced my acne was when I looked in the mirror. It was a nightmare. Of course, I have tried antibiotics (you cannot take antibiotics endlessly), various ointments and pills. It was a futile fight. I thought it was worth investing in something more expensive since you never know what might be effective. Nonacne caught my eye and I am not going to look for any other product. I will never replace it. In my case it worked wonders. I can finally start living a normal life. :)

- Alexandra, Ashford

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